Stand up, stretch, get to writing.


Does every avid reader believe they have a novel in them that needs to be written? Is there a story that needs to be told; characters that need to be written into existence? Is that reader ultimately inclined to have a talent for writing?

I have read so many books I have lost count. I finished a 7 book series already this year….in February…. Getting iBooks on my phone is a serious hindrance to my actual work productivity, but an inspiration to start sharing my voice and my ideas.

My strength as a reader is identifying with the characters, what they’re going through, and emotionally involving myself in the story. When I read through the Hunger Games trilogy, that weekend I was Katniss Everdeen. I was unstoppable, rebellious, and prepared to overthrow a nation. When I read The Fault in Our Stars, I cried for Hazel, Gus, and Isaac. Tears of sadness at their respective losses; heartache at their perpetual naïveté, subject to the intensity of young love never to feel the calming waters of a lasting passion. I felt the deep chasm of Hazel’s life as if it were a loss of my own friend.

But my strength as a reader also inhibits my ability as a writer. My impatience to experience the story means I skip over the details that really bring the story to life. I pore over the details and get so lost in description that I lose my direction and connection with the characters. That is why I have at least 10 notebooks lying around with opening chapters and no story ends (or middles for that matter).

That personal handicap doesn’t prevent me from indulging in a beautiful notebook when I see one.
This may be the notebook to inspired next masterpiece, but for right now, I am resigned to carry it with me, blank pages and all.


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